‘Boogie Banausen’ – that are not only Lorenz and Dennis but also their big love for music from long past days, the certain feel of rhythm and swing, paired with exuberant joy of playing. Together with drummer Michael they perform old classic and special tidbits of the Rock’n’Roll era.

With sax, piano and drums the three ‘Banausen’ bring their audience back to the basics of Rock ‘n Roll and Boogies, raw, without technical bells and whistles.

The two teenagers Dennis (16) and Lorenz (15) met on the road at the Firebirds Festival in the summer of 2016. Due to the quite large distance between both hometowns, they rehearsed via WhatsApp & Skype. The swinging, rocking and boisterous show can not only be seen on festivals all around Germany, but also in France, Belgium or at the legendary ‘Rhythm Riot’ in the UK this year.

Who are we?




At the age of 7, the now 15-year-old student from Leinefelde, Germany, began his education for the soprano saxophone at the ‘Eichsfeld Music School’. His out of the ordinary talent and love for music was discovered quickly.

Classical competitions such as ‘Youth Music’ and numerous Jazz workshops as well as performances on small and bigger stages followed soon. Due to his passion for music and the lifestyle of the 50ies, guest appearances with well-known Rock ‘n Roll bands like “Mister Twist” and “The Firebirds” soon began.

Whether for private or public occasions, in the saxophone quintet ‘Die Saxerotiker’, or in larger ensembles , Lorenz proves his talent regularly.

Dennis Taubner


At the age of 6, Dennis stumbled across his grandfathers old accordion.
Heavy lessons in folk music weren’t his thing. So without a teacher, his mother’s good nerves while practicing daily (AC/DC among others) and much enthusiasm, his passion brought him to Rock ´ Roll.
Dennis first played solo locally until fortune brought him together with Lorenz. They hit it off instantly and even with the distance they developed their own sound without much practice.
Along the way Dennis learned to play the drums and the piano. Paired with his unmistakable voice, performing from Jerry Lee Lewis up to Elvis Presley, he’s the perfect Boogie Banause.

Michael Seyfarth


His Rock ‘n Roll career started with dancing. Due to his growing interest in Rock ‘n Roll and his joy in music he became a drummer for the rockabilly band “Jumblers” in 1998. Since then he has played for many other bands, like ‘The Wildwood Boys’, ‘Ray Allen’ or ‘the Barracudas’. It’s impossible to imagine the Rock ‘n Roll music scene without him. His favorite instrument remains the drums even though the double bass and the rhythm guitar grew on him as well.

Michael’s joy on stage not only inspires his band members but also his audience. Keep on Rockin’.



Attention paparazzi!


Die Boogie Banausen
Lorenz Saxoman
Sänger Dennis
Lorenz Saxoman Knauft
Drummer Michael
Dennis Taubner
Rock 'n 'Roll
Michael am Schlagzeug
Dennis und Lorenz
Lorenz am Mikrophon
Die Banausen

Where to find us


Landhaus Rickermann
Reckenfeld /GERMANY
Firebirds Festival
Trebsen /GERMANY
Pyrmonter Wirtschaftswunder
Bad Pyrmont /GERMANY
Schwoof auf der Burg
Leinefelde-Worbis /GERMANY
Rock That Swing
München /GERMANY
The Firebirds feat. Boogie Banausen
Belantis-Park Leipzig/Germany
Rock'n'Roll Sea Cruise
Genua /ITALY

And action!


What we do.


Boogie Banausen

Boogie Banausen

Some wild-rockin pictures from the Firebirds Festival 🚀🚀

We can’t wait to get wild again🔥

Pictures by DJane Boppin’ Bangles

Boogie Banausen

Boogie Banausen

Sad News! Leider müssen wir bekannt geben dass die Veranstaltung am 04.09. nicht stattfinden wird! Wir sind mindestens so traurig wie ihr! Wir sind aber auch gespannt was diese turbulente Zeit uns kurzfristig zu bieten gibt. Bleibt immer up to date auf oder auf Facebook/Instagram!🚀🚀

Boogie Banausen

Boogie Banausen

We are excited!🚀

Boogie Banausen

Boogie Banausen

Belantis Freizeitpark Leipzig
Leider musste unser Konzert in der Kirche Vollenschier abgesagt werden! Glücklicherweise haben wir mehr als eine tolle Alternative für euch gefunden!
●Am 4. September spielen zusammen mit unseren Freunden The Firebirds in BELANTIS – Das AbenteuerReich!
Beginn ist 18:00 Uhr!
Tickets unter

Unfortunately our gig in Vollenschier at the 4.September has been canceled. Luckily we found more than a great alternative solution!
●At the 4.September we are going to play with our friends @the.firebirds at @belantis_abenteuerreich near Leipzig for @kapconzept
The show starts at 18.00!
Tickets via

We hope to see you all🎷🥁🎹

Boogie Banausen

Boogie Banausen

Schloss Trebsen
Es ist einen Monat her, dass wir in unserem musikalischen Wohnzimmer spielen durften!🚀
Jetzt haben wir Zeit den letzten Monat zu reflektieren, wo wir 4 Konzerte geben durften!🚀
Nochmals ein großes Dankeschön an alle Organisatoren und Veranstalter für die Möglichkeit bei euch zu spielen. Wir freuen uns auf die kommenden Gigs in diesem Jahr. Informationen folgen 🎹🎙🎷🥁

It’s been one month ago we played at our musical living room! 🚀
Now we have some time to reflect the last month where we were able to play 4 Gigs!🚀
Thank you again to all organizers and events for the opportunities. We are looking forward to the upcoming gigs this year! Information will follow🎹🎙🎷🥁

Photo by DJane Boppin’ Bangles

Boogie Banausen

Boogie Banausen

Burg Bodenstein
We are ready!!🚀 Ihr habt immer noch die Möglichkeit uns morgen auf #burgbodenstein auf unserem Konzert zu besuchen! Zusammen mit der unvergleichlichen DJane Boppin’ Bangles rocken wir die Burg und feiern den Sommer!🥁🎷🎹

Tanzen ist erlaubt! Wir freuen uns auf jeden Einzelnen von euch!
Tickets und Übernachtung unter Tel.
036074/970 oder

Schwoof auf der Burg – Boogie Banausen & DJane Boppin Bangels!

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